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After the shoot of The Dark Knight Rises wrapped in Pittsburgh, the internet hasn’t been buzzing with videos of Catwoman on the batpod or pics of the Batwing. But today was a little better for us Batman Fans.

Rumor #1: Twitter world exploded with pictures of what is rumored to be the interior of the Batcave. So i give you  Salina Turda, a salt mine situated in Turda, Transylvania, Romania… oops i mean the batcave.

Click for more (THX

Rumor #2: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin? It’s a rumor that started on twitter as far as I know, and to be honest i don’t really buy it, but like i said slow day….  From what i seen so far with Bane bloqing up arkham and the escapees running free, i’m pretty sure the movie will be more based on the Knightfall story arc…. Where Bane broke the “bat”. During the time that Bruce Wayne was healing, Jean-Paul Valley took is place as Batman… then wouldnt give the job back….

Great Story Arc for those who havent read it. Knightfall comes in Three part and a free advertisment…it’s available on

For more info about the robin rumor click on the picture of “Robin”

Robin? Jean-Paul Valley... or someone else?

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